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Grupo Vidanta, one of the top developers of hotels and resorts in Mexico, today launched its new online web portal for Vida Vacation Club. The website, http://www.vidavacationclub.com, is the go-to portal for the best selection of resorts, spas, and golf courses in Mexico.

The Vida Resorts, found in the country’s most stunning and exotic destinations, lets vacationers experience the beauty of Mexico. Vida Resorts offers comprehensive vacation services, from experiencing local culture to indulging in a wide range of fun and relaxing activities.

Through Vida Vacation Club’s new online portal, customers are given the opportunity to partake of the world of travel from such renowned brands as The Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace and Grand Luxxe. In the following year, the company will welcome new resorts including Ocean Breeze, The Bliss, The Grand Bliss and Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya. The website has high-quality graphics and photos, giving visitors an enticing picture of the beauty and luxuries that they will soon experience.

According to Michel Beuffe, Chief Operating Officer for Grupo Vidanta , “The new Vida Vacations online portal is a gateway to an entire world of luxury travel. The visitor is immediately greeted with lush, beautiful photographic images taken from Vida Resorts properties throughout Mexico. Interaction is encouraged through downloadable images and sharing through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.”

“Each brand from Vida Vacations Club is accessible in one convenient location, perfectly communicating the pleasures that await the prospective traveler. As we continue to expand with new openings and exciting promotional offers, travelers can rely on the Vida Vacations portal to provide them with the latest information.”

Grupo Vidanta was established in 1974 and has grown into one of Mexico’s leading developers of hotels and resorts, vacation ownership, and tourism infrastructure. For its American customers, the company provides a variety of premium beach resorts in Mexico’s most beautiful beaches.

The Vida Vacation Club has the best resorts, spas and golf courses found in Mexico’s most exotic destinations. It showcases the best of traditional Mexico and boasts some of the most renowned brand names in the industry, including the Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Grand Luxxe, Sea Garden, Ocean Breeze, The Bliss and The Grand Bliss.